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Our patented technology fuses client-side with
server-side tracking to improve your performance.

Running a growth driven strategy?
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30-60% of tracking data is lost to
Ad-Blockers, Tracking Preventions,
and Misconfiguration.

Your tools don't work well with bad data. Bullshit in, bullshit out!


Tools from insecure third-party countries are non-compliant.
Only you bear the responsibility.

Worst case scenario: Hefty penalties, removal of pixels or complete blindness.


Conventional data tracking tools only provide you with meta-data and aggregated results.

Not owning your company’s raw data will restrict future competitiveness.

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JENTIS. The missing data link in your marketing stack.

Keep your existing tools, unlock their full potential with JENTIS, and open up unprecedented marketing opportunities.


The game changer in data capture.

Our groundbreaking TwinServer technology is the first to put reliable server-side tracking on the table. Through our tracking framework, we extract 100% complete, correct, and consistent raw data which is sure to be an existential part of your future growth ambitions. We ensure data ownership before handing it over to Google & co to do their magic.


State-of-the-art structure & real time data availability.

The JENTIS data structure was developed with and for AI-experts. We can assure you: the days of not controlling data flow or owning your raw data are over. Machine Learning-ready structured data is available to you in real-time on the JENTIS servers – which you can put into use immediately. We just know your data scientists are going to love it.


How TwinServer
technology works:

  • Status Quo
  • JENTIS TwinServer
  • JENTIS TwinServer + Data Ownership


Your next disruption is bound to be data driven.


    Proprietary data: your competitive advantage

    With JENTIS, you can build your competitive advantage by owning and leveraging your proprietary data.


    AA & AI readiness
    you can leverage

    JENTIS is the only solution that exports raw data without restrictions – innovate with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.


    Real-time personalization without compromise

    Experience real-time website personalization. JENTIS enables you to build clusters immediately – no delays and fewer drop-offs.

  • SAVE

    Up to 30% ad spend saving due to accurate insights

    By implementing and using an untouched data set that is 100% correct – you can reduce incorrect ad spending by up to 30%.


    GDPR conform raw data processing you can rely on

    Collected data can be processed further without GDPR restrictions and, if necessary, anonymized/pseudonymized.

  • RANK

    Improve page speed
    & SEO rankings

    Create a leaner frontend by reducing pixels to one impact page-speed and placing business logic server-side with JENTIS.

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That's what people say who use JENTIS.

JENTIS enables us to understand our customer journeys much better and creates transparency about the true customer acquisition cost of each channel.

Peter Windischhofer Peter Windischhofer Founder Refurbed

As a news platform, the analysis and communication of our readers is an essential component. With the help of JENTIS, we can deliver stronger metrics to our customers and still taking all data protection principles seriously.

Dejan Jovicevic Dejan Jovicevic Chief Executive Officer Der Brutkasten

JENTIS is a game changer for our online marketing. We were impressed to get 100% accurate web analytics data. For personalization on our website we fuel our AI efforts with the raw data provided by JENTIS.

Alina Lauchart Alina Lauchart Chief Marketing Officer Promedico

It is a pleasure to work with the visionary and engaged team of JENTIS, who always strive to define the cutting edge. A perfect and rare partner for tweaking our engagement setup.

Florian Bolka Florian Bolka Director of Technology CEE Region Greenpeace

JENTIS is a great tool which specialises on website data capture. We added it to our current marketing stack and saw impressive results. Not only does JENTIS capture data more accurately and completely, it can also provide you with your raw data in real-time. JENTIS is the next step towards our digital future readiness. We want to achieve data ownership and decide which dataset we can and would like to pass on to third parties. JENTIS can do that and much more.

Patricio Hetfleisch Patricio Hetfleisch Head of Marketing and Communication Tirol Werbung

JENTIS is the logical European solution to data control and data quality in today's digital world. Their highly innovative server-side tracking technology allows us to gain absolute control over the data flow before forwarding it to our Matomo Reporting Tool. This is essential to ensure GDPR compliance and ensure 100% data quality.

Jo Rogner Jo Rogner Chief Information Officer Compass Group
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What about GDPR?

Own your data,
protect your customer.

With the fall of the privacy shield, GDPR compliance and data privacy protection has never been more important. We’re here to set a new standard in data protection and pseudonmysation by ensuring your company controls and owns your data. JENTIS was developed by a team of data experts and in close cooperation with lawyers and industry experts. Our clients and their legal teams confirm that ‘JENTIS is by far the best solution for server-side tracking and protecting your customer’s data’.


Implementing JENTIS
takes minimum effort.

  1. Keep your tools

    JENTIS slots right into your running system – your existing marketing stack and tools can stay untouched.

  2. Setup in less than an hour

    A simple JENTIS JavaScript native installation will get a test environment set up in no time.

  3. Carry out parallel test

    We will set up parallel analytics accounts. So you can see tracking differences side-by-side.

  4. Full server-side setup

    You're finally in control.
    We provide the data – you decide what to do with it.

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Founders of JENTIS


We couldn’t find it – so we built it.

JENTIS is run by international data tracking experts Thomas Tauchner and Klaus Müller and was co-founded by Robert Nachbargauer, Christian Kletzander, and Walter Parigger. While analyzing tracking data for clients for 10 years, Thomas realized that client-side tracking was predestined to fail in the long run. This first sparked the development of JENTIS. Klaus Müller, ex-Googler and founder of numerous successful start-ups, was drawn to the technology once he saw the potential behind it and how much value it would bring to marketers and data scientists. JENTIS has a team of developers, data scientists, mathematicians, marketing experts, and scientists spread worldwide, who are dedicated to revolutionizing the way we think, speak, and deal with online data.


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